>> Only legacy hardware... and in the worse one I have it is 800 * 600, 16
>> bits. I doubt anybody will try to run in 8 bit to do graphics work now.
>A lot of laptops, especially running linux @ 1024x768, will only support 8
>bit depth. Dunno if it matters to ya or not. :P Gimping on the plane, ahh.

I would go for 800 * 600 16 bits in that case (1MB of video RAM, I suppose).
And yes, I know that LCDs look weird when using a resolution not divisor of
the maximum one. I also know that running Gimp in a laptop (screen size,
mouse type, etc) will not make me happy.

If you are going to do graphics, you want hi color hi res, yes? If I only
can get one, I choose color. You can choose anything you want, if you do
only GIFs you can live with 256 colors, for example. That is what I mean,
that normally you will not use it (you can, of course).


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