On Sat, Mar 25, 2000 at 09:17:54PM +0100, Simon Budig 
> * The dialog is quite huge, it does not fit on a 640x480 screen
>   completely. Do we need to fix this?

Just a minor point (which is, btw, not directly related to your mail, I
just wanted to re-iterate it again, since in the past many people made
similar remarks with regards to ui-design, and wether a given dialog/menu
is "too full" or not): too many people here assume that "this-and-that
menu/dialog/window" fits/does not fit on 640x480.

The truth is: any window may or may not fit any screen size, as the gimp
has _no_ control over the pixelsize of it's windows. Some people really
like to customize their desktop and, yes, some gimp menus do not fit on my
1600x1200 screen.

The only solution is good ui interface (which is difficult), and not "make
the font smaller" (or something like that).


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