On Saturday, 25 Mar 2000, Simon Budig wrote:

> The defaults from gimprc are questionable IMHO. The default imagesize
> is not specified and defaults to something around 950x760, which is
> pretty close to my screen resolution. Maybe we should default to
> something like 300x300 ?

The default is deliberately large, non-rectangular, and not a power of
2 so as to provoke as many bugs as possible (eg half-full tiles not
being treated correctly, etc).  The large size is to provide some
incentive for people to optimise screen redraws so we don't get too

For a proper release, the default size should be made something
smaller (256x256 sounds reasonable).

Actually, I'd like to make the default resolution something quite
different from the screen res. and also non-square, just to make sure
people are treating non-square pixels correctly.  Eg, 75x150 dpi might
be a sensible choice.

> The default toolbox-layout is IMHO ugly. Should we default to the
> layout with three columns?



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