On 30 Mar, Stanislav Brabec wrote:

> I18n wishes:
> ============
> -- Please do anything with the fact, that main panel menu with default
>    GTK theme can contain exactly 15 letters. Too few for three items
> in    most languages.

 What exactly would you suggest? That's actually a matter for the
 translators, not for the developers, as we don't know all the
 languages around the world. :)

> Ad translation problem:
> |   2. Gettext problem.
> |      Sometimes you absolutelly need to translate same message
> differently.
> Tell it the programmers; they will have to add "prifixes" to make the
> strings different; e.g.:

 That's not meant to be serious, is it? It would be really a
 pain-in-the-ass to maintain this, even in the most simple case.
 Please consider that every language has other problems with those
 messages and trying to fix everthing with this idea would probably
 mean that EVERY message is used ONCE, which would be a kind of overkill.



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