Thus spoke Nick Lamb
> > Have the libtiff requirements changed recently?  1.1.19 built fine.
> Yes, there has been a change to my use of libtiff, on the discovery
> that recent versions have removed support for LZW. Can you tell me
> which version of libtiff you have, so I can guage what to do next?

Sure thing:
My RH 6.1+ boxes seem to be unaffected by this, and they have

> The problem is that we can't trivially detect at run-time which
> CODECs are really present, TIFFFindCODEC was better than nothing,
> but if it causes problems I'll remove it, because it wasn't really
> The Right Thing (TM) in my opinion anyway.

It appears this was an addition to the TIFF 3.5 library.  I haven't
upgraded my RH5.2 boxes for various reasons, most of which have nothing to
do with Gimp.  Eventually, I'll move to 6.2.

> NB None of this affects loading images, and you should NOT be
> creating more TIFFs, so hopefully right thinking people are quite
> unaffected apart from this build problem.

You lost me a little here.  Why should I not be creating more TIFFs?
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