> While, in theory, I agree that having compatibility cruft inside a
> software package is bad, I think breaking compatibility deep within a
> feature freeze was a very bad idea.
> I thought different this afternoon when I could just enable
> GIMP_COMPAT_CRUFT_STH, but it just turned out that this define only
> catches very few of the API changes.

There were no API changes at all. All of the names that are standard 
now have been around for a long time and the only thing we did was to 
reverse the logic of the COMPAT_CRUFT defines. What was 


before, has become


now. That's it! Nothing else changed!!

> So, in effect, the recent undiscussed changes completely break the API and
> make it impossible to maintain a plug-in for both 1.0 and 1.2 versions.

Are you sure? Why does it work for the gimp-print plug-in then?

Salut, Sven

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