>    Are you sure? Why does it work for the gimp-print plug-in then?
> We've been using the old names.  I ran Sven's conversion script to
> generate the new names, and put a whole stack of #define's in the one
> UI-related file that's shared between the 1.0 code and the 1.2 code.
> It does make it harder to maintain the plugin for both releases,
> although not all that much so.

I was referring to the version of gimp-print that is included in gimp 
CVS. It was left unchanged by me despite the inclusion of the line 
#define GIMP_ENABLE_COMPAT_CRUFT in print_gimp.h. This seemed to work
very well. I'm happy however that you've decided to switch to the new

Salut, Sven

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