On  3 Oct, COUTIER Eric wrote:

> I am just an user but can i make a suggestion ? There's 25 buttons on
> the Gimp Toolbar and sometime, it's not easy to find the good one in
> all these buttons. I suggest to arrange buttons by "groups", separated
> with spaces, to respect "7 items" ergonomy standard - selection
> buttons:Rectangle, Circle, Freehand selection, magic wand, bezier
> tool,intelligent scissor, selection mover - "transformations": crop
> tool, transformation tool, mirror tool - drawing tools: text tool,
> fill tool, gradient tool, pencil, brush, rubber, aerograph, ink tool, 
> - rectification tools: stamp tool, blur tool, ink tool, multiply tool, 
> finger tool - "gadget" tool (tool that don't modify image but give
> info on image):magnifier, compass, color picker

 I fully second this but unnfortunately we're pretty bound to the
 current layout because it's more or less hardcoded and we're right
 in a feature freeze. In future versions (>=2.0) it may be posible
 to rearrange the toolbar and have own tools register their icons in
 the toolbar.



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