>>   > > The Info dialog is indeed a start.  I would like it to display selection
>>   > > information and before/after color info.
>>   > > 
>>   > > With the cuves tool open I have made some adjustments.  Now I can mouse
>>   > > around the image and see exactly how things have changed.  The number to
>>   > > the left of the / is before and to the right is after.
>>   > > 
>>   > > For precise color work this is important.  It will allow you to check
>>   > > things without relying on your often poorly calibrated monitor.
>>   > 
>>   > The info window has a second notebook tab that does just this ("Extended").
>>   > It displays color information, and it updates even with the curves dialog
>>   > open.
>>   The "Extended" tab is not extending nearly enough information.  More
>>   advanced users are going to want the kind of info illustrated in the
>>   screenshot above.  

I agree with Jon 110% on this.  In addition, there is another
PhotoShop feature which is extremely handy, and which would make a
valuable addition to the GIMP.  

In particular, when doing color matching and color correction, it is
useful to try and match in the shadow, midtone, and highlight regions
of the image.  PhotoShop allows the user to display the RGB (CMYK)
values in the info window for up to 4 clicked pixels in the image.
This allows the user to experiment with finding appropriate values to
match with out having to write the values down on a piece of paper.

Furthermore, PhotoShop has a *very* useful feature which allows the
user to automatically adjust the curves tool so that the pixel on the
mouse cursor maps to a neutral value.  That is, if the RGB value under
the mouse cursor is

  RGB = 128 147 132 

then the curves are mapped to the value

  RGB -> 130 130 130

Here the midpoint of the two closest values (128 and 132) is chosen as
the representative neutral value and the 147 is also mapped to this
point.  This too would be of great use in the GIMP.

Finally, as in Photoshop, the Curves tool should also have the
"Automatic" button that exists in the Levels tool.  



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