On Tue, Oct 03, 2000 at 02:51:49PM -0500, thus said Jon Winters:

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> > I suggest to arrange buttons by "groups", separated with spaces, to respect
> > "7 items" ergonomy standard
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> I'll cast my vote to leave things just as they are.  It doesn't take long
> to learn the tools and experimentation during the learning process is a
> good thing.  
> Once you've spent a day or so learning the tools the compact toolbox is a
> joy to work with.

Yes, and if you ever work on a laptop screen (or 15" monitor) you really
dont want to have any extra space used by the toolbox.. Dialogs are always
too big :)

Actually Gtk should be scalable so you could stretch the dialogs smaller
with all the contents shrinking :)

> I'll often do a screenshot of a web browser and use the
> measurement tool to check precise measurements when working on a web
> site. Once you learn how and when to use it the measurement tool can save
> you a LOT of time.

What I usually do with website work, I also take a screenshot of the site,
and add a new layer and design the whole thing over the screenshot, in
place. Then I just flatten the image and cut the thing in pieces. Very handy
and useful.

But this is stuff for the gimp-user list I guess..  :) 

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