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> As you probably already know there are lots of problems with current i18n
> tools. Every genuine inscription can have only one equivalent in particular
> language when using gettext. In the case of GIMP this is really serious
> problem because of huge .po files (and thus many collisions).
> The authors of Freeciv worked out an easy method of the partial solving this
> problem. My patch is based on code from Freeciv.
> Every string marked for translation can be preceded with a prefix in the
> form "!prefix!". Thanks to this prefix, two appearances of the same
> string can have different meanings. The prefix can be omited in
> translated string, but leaving it will not influence displayed text because
> it will be always stripped (it is helpful for translators who don't know
> this solution). You should just use Q_() macro instead of _() in your code
> to use this feature.

Probably a good idea, but I doubt we can count this as a bugfix. We 
should consider integrating a fix like this after the 1.2 release.
But actually I would prefer a real solution instead of something hacked
around gettext. 

Salut, Sven

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