Zbigniew Chyla <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

> This patch _fixes_ GIMP translations. Currently it's _impossible_ to
> correctly translate GIMP to any slavic language (and probably many others).
> Polish GIMP users keep saying "Can you speak Polish? Translation is broken!"
> and the only thing we can say is "Sorry, it's developers' fault, but please
> wait another 1-2 years for GIMP 1.4/2.0 release and hopefully it will be
> useable".
> Patch is extremely simple, it doesn't touch existing code at all. Why don't
> you like it?

I have discussed your patch with Mitch and it really looks safe. The 
problem we see is that most likely translators will find a lot of 
collisions and each string marked with your Q_ macro will end up being
untranslated in all languages until translators change the po-files
again. Since we want to release 1.2.0 real soon now this change would
significantly degrade the status of i18n we have reached so far. I suggest
we reconsider applying your patch after 1.2.0 so it could become part of
the 1.2.x series but early enough before a release to give translators a 
chance to update translations. To do so we'd need a list of colliding 
strings from all translators as soon as possible.

I'd still prefer a clean solution that would give every translator the
chance to apply different translations for every string without the need
to change the original string. This would make it possible to work around
collisions without breaking the translation for all other supported

Salut, Sven

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