On Wed, 2000-12-06 at 14:19:02, Sven Neumann wrote:

> I have discussed your patch with Mitch and it really looks safe. The 
> problem we see is that most likely translators will find a lot of 
> collisions and each string marked with your Q_ macro will end up being
> untranslated in all languages until translators change the po-files
> (...)

Thanks tor this! It should be no problem for translators - I have another
patch, that doesn't _require_ modified translations. If you replace
_("File") with Q_("!menu!File") in your code, old translations (containing
only "File") will still work. I'll send improved patch tomorrow.

> I'd still prefer a clean solution that would give every translator the
> chance to apply different translations for every string without the need
> to change the original string. This would make it possible to work around
> (...)

So do I :-)
Believe me, I _hate_ gettext, but it's the only thing we have _now_.


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