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> * When I press Alt-F and then "x" on my keyboard, The Gimp doesn't
> exit.

Ctrl-Q works though. Ctrl-Q (and Ctrl-W and some others) are standard
for the Macintosh, and acceptable IMHO.

> * I see completely fucking useless tearoff menus on top of every
>   menu.  They get in the way, sometimes tear off by mistake, and in
>   general seem to be designed to annoy the fuck out of the user

I haven't had that problem, but it would be nice if they could be
disabled, I suppose.

> * I cannot use 90% of GIMP's features from keyboard.  Hardly any of the
>   menus have keyboard shortcuts.

I'm sure a reasonable new default menurc would be accepted for GIMP.


> * 90% of the dialogs don't have properly setup default action buttons.  I
> * I can never get rid of an accidentally brought up dialog using the "esc"
>   key.  Adding code to do this would be so simple I am curious why nobody
>   bothered to do that.  It should naturally default to activating dialog's
>   "Cancel" button.

Both good ideas.

> * Contents of about half of the dialog boxes seems to be entries in a
>   contest for the next century's ugliest user inteface.  What ever
>   happened to uniform interface?

I'm sure assistance in redesign would be greatly appreciated. Mocking
up sane designs would be extremely helpful.

> * Configurable menu shortcut keys?  Who the fuck uses that?  I would
>   rather see consistent menu hotkeys so I can do Alt-F-X to exit the
>   application rather than be able to customize what key I press to save
>   the image.  Another useless feature, in my opinion.

I quite like this feature and use it a lot, and I know that many of
the people I know who use GIMP a lot appreciate the feature.

> tc.  this is NOT a troll, but a increasing concern I have about all GUI
> applications created for Linux.

You can say it's not a troll all you like, but giving point-blank
demands (without any corresponding offer of aid), mixing arbitrary
judgement calls (Quit is unacceptable? Says who? Bowie J. Poag?) in
with reasonable suggestions, swearing, and generally being an ass, may
cause the reader to think otherwise.

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