On 11 Dec 2000, Michael Natterer wrote:

(Apologies if this reply is incorrectly addressed -- I still haven't
quite figured out how to properly reply to list mails)

> Many of your points already _are_ on bugs.gnome.org's wishlist. Especially
> the "Enter == OK", "Esc == Cancel" stuff is somethig I've been thinking
> about for a long time. You can expect a more better organized UI for
> 1.3/1.4. (Which also means we should probably put "OK" rightmost in
> all dialogs to match the order given in the "ESC/Enter" scheme).

What? Perhaps I've not been following the history behind this, but
what is the "ESC/Enter" scheme, and how does it impose an ordering on
the buttons in dialogs? I vastly prefer the "positive choice to the
left"-rule of dialog button ordering, but can't seem to find any
backing material right now... Other than, for us Western users,
reading occurs left-to-right, and seeing the most positive choice
first when reading somehow feels a lot more natural than having to
skip over the (more seldom used) cancel/negative button(s). Um, that,
and that the Amiga always did it this way. :)

Anyway, if this is indeed something that's there has been serious
discussion and/or thinking about, would it be insane to suggest that
the entire button-ordering thing be customizable? I take it that 1.4
is going to include some major clean-ups, so creating and implement-
ing a sub-API for this, to be used by all code creating dialogs,
shouldn't be too difficult, right?


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