I am currently writing a new plugin, which I hope if there is intrest in it
could be included in to standard gimp distributions.  I understand that the
gimp is frozen at the moment, but if anyone could tell me the process
required for a new plugin to be considered for the gimp.  Should I have
users before I ask you guys to look at it.

Also the plugin uses a fairly uncommon library allegro.  I am looking at
making the plugin allegro independant, however the resulting plugin may end
up being a quite large plugin when complete.

The plugin I am writing is an aid for creating seamless tile maps.  Basicly
a tile editor.  It uses allegro primarily because I have used a file format
derived from the allegro dat format.

Any help on these points would be appreciated

Also if you rather i did not post to this list, please direct me elsewhere.

David Rohde

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