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> Now two years later: What is now the most annoying thing?
> The most annoying thing for me is, that I can't spend as much time on the
> project as I would like to spend. I haven't made any contributions to
> the manual for a while, also due to the fact that I'm just lost in the
> current editing process. The wiki is down and doesn't seem to return
> anymore. Maybe a better space to invite potential contributors would be
> to open a space on the GNOME wiki

me too :-) . What tripped me up in the beginning was git. Wrapping my
head around it (with all the good help and manuals) took me some time,
and every time I had git problem, my enthusiasm cooled down a little.
Many a times I just backed up my changed files, deleted the local
folder and downloaded the repository from scratch. All the while I
wasn't translating. The last thing that did it for me was some .gif
image that was originally saved as .GIF then somehow became .gif. Git
treated them differently and couldn't commit my changes because one
file wasn't there, but the file was there with just a different letter
case. I am on windows, where case doesn't matter. Deleting or renaming
the files just made matters worse. So, take-away point should be
consistent case (i.e. all small) for committed files. My guess is the
image was created in Paint, which saves the file with capital case
I think move to po was a great idea. But I found editor functionality
lacking. Tried poedit and lokalize, decided to use lokalize, which has
good translation memory management, but crashes if you sneeze at it.
If I spend any of little free time researching other editors, I am not
translating. On the contributor page recommended software section
would be great.
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