I did use Cygwin and felt difficulty on conflict of file names too.
It may be a case insensitivity problem caused by the Windows
file system.  When I Noticed it on using GIT, I made one more clone
repository at another directory.  Though it is a fresh tree, an
warning message was appear soon.  The rebase command doesn't
work with an error message. With the stash command, saving can
be done successfully, but loading process stops with a reason
that the tree is dirty, so this command is also unusable.

After back to FreeBSD system, I tried to remove one of two
images and it was easy.  Then I created a GIT patch on this
commit, and went to apply this diff on the Cygwin's tree.
Unfortunately, this patch file is not applicable on Windows
file system.  Therefore, there is no solution of it for Cygwin

I can remove the older file if you need, and I hope this
issue is cleared, but perhaps it may cause another
unexpected problem on Cygwin.

2010/4/11 Vitaly Lomov <lom...@gmail.com>:
> The last thing that did it for me was some .gif
> image that was originally saved as .GIF then somehow became .gif. Git
> treated them differently and couldn't commit my changes because one
> file wasn't there, but the file was there with just a different letter
> case. I am on windows, where case doesn't matter. Deleting or renaming
> the files just made matters worse. So, take-away point should be
> consistent case (i.e. all small) for committed files. My guess is the
> image was created in Paint, which saves the file with capital case
> extension.

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