On Sun, Apr 11, 2010 at 09:02:37AM +0100, Vitaly Lomov wrote:
> me too :-) . What tripped me up in the beginning was git. Wrapping my
> head around it (with all the good help and manuals) took me some time,
> and every time I had git problem, my enthusiasm cooled down a little.
> Many a times I just backed up my changed files, deleted the local
> folder and downloaded the repository from scratch. All the while I
> wasn't translating. The last thing that did it for me was some .gif
> image that was originally saved as .GIF then somehow became .gif. Git
> treated them differently and couldn't commit my changes because one
> file wasn't there, but the file was there with just a different letter
> case. I am on windows, where case doesn't matter. Deleting or renaming
> the files just made matters worse. So, take-away point should be
> consistent case (i.e. all small) for committed files. My guess is the
> image was created in Paint, which saves the file with capital case
> extension.


> I think move to po was a great idea. But I found editor functionality
> lacking. Tried poedit and lokalize, decided to use lokalize, which has
> good translation memory management, but crashes if you sneeze at it.
> If I spend any of little free time researching other editors, I am not
> translating. On the contributor page recommended software section
> would be great.


how much time wasted using Windows ... sorry I couldn't resist! ;-)

on the contributor pages is it written that Linux is the dev OS of choice?
There are plenty of translation tools po-aware on that OS...


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