Den 14.05.2012 20:48, skreiv Ulf-D. Ehlert:
On Mon, May 14, 2012 at 12:30:48PM +0200, Kolbj�rn Stuest�l wrote:
In po/toolbox/color.po I am not able to translate whats inside the
<placeholder-2>  in
Some suggestions?
Looks like xsltproc doesn't like

        <para><emphasis>some text</emphasis></para>

so you should change the source code (example attached).
(IMHO there's no reason to<emphasis>e list items - we could better
use a different type of list instead.)
Yes, it works.
I have only tried it by "make ... draft", but the sentences got translated.
Have to check it out the usual ways before uploading the changed xml file.
Changed the green cross to The cross too.
I'll push it this evening i hope.

And to Julien: You are doing a great job! (Yes, I see your "fingerprints" all over the new manual).

Thank you

BTW: "The green cross" comes up with color #80A8D3 on my screen
(Windows 7). Perhaps naming it "The cross" instead?
Yes, of course.


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