On 05/29/2012 05:18 AM, Roman Joost wrote:
There is currently a proposal to change the heading of the 'Pimp my
GIMP' section to something less controversal, as it may put off people
with it's political incorrectness ("pimp").

I know that GIMP as well already gets people into arguments, but I think
changing it to "Improve my GIMP" or something similar will simply
increase the acceptance of the manual and lower the possibility for
people feeling offended.

Any objections?
I am surprised. At least in the USA, the usage of "Pimp My" is in pretty common usage to mean "make something overtly / excessively fancy / gaudy". This is so widely used, that it had never occurred to me that someone might find it offensive. So...... I asked my wife, who said "I don't like the phrase", and my six year old said "what is a pimp?" I told her it was a mean horrible criminal who usually dresses very fancy to stand out.

No objections...

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