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I don't see any issues with the current title.  In spanish should be
translated as "Tunea mi GIMP", and I guess other languages can have a
word for "pimp" or its synonyms (tune, improve).
Google translate suggests "proxeneta".  A pimp is a person who
controls/procures prostututes; to pimp someone out is to dress them up
so that they look like a whore. Given that the word "gimp" is in there,
I don't think there's anything that can be done to make the phrase
inoffensive, so "pimp my gimp ready for tricks" seems fine to me. For
that one I got, "chulo mi gimp listo para prostituirse" which is even
more awesome.


I always assumed that to "pimp" something was referring more to the gaudy way that pimps dress themselves. As an example, search google for "pimp images". It never once occurred to me that it was referring to the girls. Can't say as though I have seen many pimps or prostitutes, but the few prostitutes that I have seen were rather scary looking (as in run away so you don't catch something).

While your thinking about words, however, remember that the word gimp is an offensive word for a physically handicapped or lame person. Very few people know that there are other definitions. As such, I have caught flak for the term GIMP (not that I would advocate changing the name).

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