I think the translation work of the Gimp is already bureaucratized.
In W3C, each translator translates what he wants (a chapter, a section, etc.
). The translator receives merits and demerits by the text translated. It
needs to be more responsible in this way.
A link would have on the list of translators, connecting the name of the
translator, the translated texts. It is more correct in my thinking. I
translate only one piece, you translate all the rest, so this is right?

When he wants. He should only use the defaults of the page (css, html) and
translate the texts. It is faster. It is much simpler, The translator can
see what he is doing. Marco Ciampa explained why in another email, but ... I
think so. No problem.
So the translator can see the result. I, for example, translated the xhtml 1.1
Basic to Brasiliam Portuguese.
I even keep it. It does not matter, it is unsafe. But so that it is possible,
i do not recommend.
http://www.ogomes.com/traducoes/xhtml-basic-20080729/index.html official W3C
is I translated and host.
Bureaucratize for what?

The translator is not always free. For example, now i am 800 km from my
house. It is important to remember that the work is voluntary, the
translators do not receive payment, i do not.

Sorry my bad English writing, i will learn.

2012/6/13 Roman Joost <romanof...@gimp.org>

> On Wed, Jun 13, 2012 at 05:18:26PM -0300, Joao S. O. Bueno wrote:
> > I think some organization to get it going is indeed necessary - and
> > this one - "two weeks for updating translation"  is certainly better
> than none.
> >
> > So, +1 from me.
> Sounds good to me as well: +1
> Basically that means, for each release we create a branch. Every
> translator has to "finish" his work on this release branch, until it can
> be tagged and the tarballs are created.
> Another possibility is not to create a branch, but simply use an
> announcement mail (which is probably good anyway) to mark the upcoming
> release.
> Cheers,
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