Dear Stephen,

On Tue, Jul 02, 2013 at 12:37:33PM -0700, Stephen Kiel wrote:
> Roman,
> I did browse through some of the tutorials & looked at they way they were
> marked up.  I don't think porting my tutorials into a markup language will
> be any problem.  The part that I don't really understand yet is whether
> there are tags that will or won't work right.  In other words, if the XHTLM
> is well formed and presents in a web browser is there any downstream
> processing that looks at or uses particular tags? e.g. some of the xhtml
> that I looked at used the older <b> tags for bold instead of <strong>.
> Both work, one is more contemporary, but what I am wondering is whether
> there is a reason to use the older tag format.
Not sure. I think these are remnants of old edits which have simply been
updated for a new version of the website.

> Once I do get ready to check out the module and add my tutorial, is there
> any kind of an approval process, or do I just stage the changes and commit
> them?
Usually you can send in your patches and they're been reviewed by people
who have access to the module. The more you contribute, the more likely
maintainers see to getting you commit (read: push) rights.

> Thanks for the feedback & help.
Happy to help!

Kind Regards,
Roman Joost
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