Ulf-D. Ehlert skreiv:
> Kolbjørn Stuestøl (Monday, 29. March 2010)
>> I would like to add
>> .caption {
>>     font-size : smaller;
>>     font-style : italic;
>> }
>> to the style sheets to differ the image text from the body text.
> Doesn't make italic font-style the caption text "too" different or too 
> marked?
The intention was to give the image text another layout to distinguish 
it from the rest of the text. In books and other paper prints it is 
quite common to use a different font in italic for pictures. In my 
opinion it looks better, but others may disagree in this. Perhaps only 
one of the styles should be used, either "font-size: smaller" or 
"font-style: italics".

I am running the GIMP manual on Windows/Firefox or Windows/Opera. 
Perhaps other browsers gives a quite different display?
>> Perhaps the not used gimp-help-custom.css file is a good way of
>>  doing it, but as this wish may be unique to Norwegian only, how to
>>  add a conditional to select languages?
> As far as I understand it, gimp-help-custom.css exists to provide a 
> simple way for everybody to customize the manual; for example, if you 
> (and only you) want to make the background blue or use some exotic 
> font, you can add this stylesheet to your html files.
But with one drawback: As this stylesheet (gimp-help-custom.css) is 
called on top of every html file created, the style defined in this file 
will affect all users! Not only one specific language.
(Yes, I know it is possible to define your own classes or whatever not 
used by others, but that's another question).
> For an improvement like above, you should add your changes to the main 
> stylesheet(s) (don't forget gimp22.css) if you think it's useful for 
> everybody.
No problem if amended on this list.
Some inputs?
(You may try it by copying the .caption {...} on top of this mail into a 
gimp-help-plain.css file and add this file to your local html folder).
> Alternative: copy gimp-help-plain.css (and gimp22.css) to the (new) 
> subdirectory stylesheets/nn and edit the copied stylesheets. This way 
> only the Norwegian HTML manual would be affected.
Perhaps this is the best solution?
Moving the gimp-help-plain.css and gimp22.css to separate language 
folders (as i.e. in po or images). Then the stylesheets would be 
explicit to each language, not affecting other languages and the 
gimp-help-plain.css would be living up to its intentions.

> Bye,
> Ulf

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