Ulf-D. Ehlert skreiv:
> Kolbjørn Stuestøl (Monday, 29. March 2010)
>> The intention was to give the image text another layout to
>>  distinguish it from the rest of the text. In books and other paper
>>  prints it is quite common to use a different font in italic for
>>  pictures. 
> Yes, I just thought that italic is used to emphasize text.
That too
>>  In my opinion it looks better, but others may disagree
>>  in this.
> Then add it.
Some input from others?
Should we add it in the common stylesheets?
>> I am running the GIMP manual on Windows/Firefox or Windows/Opera.
>> Perhaps other browsers gives a quite different display?
> Just tested: it looks good using Konqueror (Linux). :-)
>>> As far as I understand it, gimp-help-custom.css exists to provide
>>> a simple way for everybody to customize the manual; for example,
>>> if you (and only you) want to make the background blue or use
>>> some exotic font, you can add this stylesheet to your html files.
>> But with one drawback: As this stylesheet (gimp-help-custom.css) is
>> called on top of every html file created, the style defined in this
>>  file will affect all users! Not only one specific language.
>> (Yes, I know it is possible to define your own classes or whatever
>>  not used by others, but that's another question).
> No, I meant to just create you personal stylesheet, don't commit/push 
> it.
>> (You may try it by copying the .caption {...} on top of this mail
>>  into a gimp-help-plain.css file and add this file to your local
>>  html folder).
> For testing on the fly gimp-help-custom.css is even better.
Sorry for confusing.
I used "automatic writing" and was not aware of that 
"gimp-help-custom.css" had changed to "gimp-help-plain.css". Of course 
it should be "gimp-help-custom.css" here and below.
>>> Alternative: copy gimp-help-plain.css (and gimp22.css) to the
>>> (new) subdirectory stylesheets/nn and edit the copied
>>> stylesheets. This way only the Norwegian HTML manual would be
>>> affected.
>> Perhaps this is the best solution?
>> Moving the gimp-help-plain.css and gimp22.css to separate language
>> folders (as i.e. in po or images). Then the stylesheets would be
>> explicit to each language, not affecting other languages and the
>> gimp-help-plain.css would be living up to its intentions.
> As long as the stylesheets don't differ we should avoid this, simply 
> because we'd had to apply any later changes to every local stylesheet.
> This special feature is more interesting for non-European languages 
My suggestion was that gimp-help-custom.css could be used to language 
specific styles. If Norwegian is the only language that would like to 
use the smaller font in italic in image texts, I could put the style in 
the /stylesheets/nn folder. Of course the Makefile in addition needs 
some conditionals to select the language specific files. ("if LANG=xx 
then copy stylesheets/xx/*.css to html").

As the gimp22.css is listed downmost in the html head tag it is not 
possible to override this style using the language dependent method.

I have to select the alternate style sheets (gimp22.css) for every 
single side and I am normally not using it. But perhaps some others does.

Again, sorry for my misleading misprint.

> Bye,
> Ulf

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