Kolbjørn Stuestøl (Tuesday, 30. March 2010)
> >>> As far as I understand it, gimp-help-custom.css exists to
> >>> provide a simple way for everybody to customize the manual; for
> >>> example, if you (and only you) want to make the background blue
> >>> or use some exotic font, you can add this stylesheet to your
> >>> html files.
> >>
> >> But with one drawback: As this stylesheet (gimp-help-custom.css)
> >> is called on top of every html file created, the style defined
> >> in this file will affect all users! Not only one specific
> >> language. (Yes, I know it is possible to define your own classes
> >> or whatever not used by others, but that's another question).

And if we add a gimp-help-custom.css it will overwrite the user's 
stylesheet on every update.

That's why I think we should not add a gimp-help-custom.css for any 
purpose -- let the user add his own stylesheet if he wants to make 
some personal customizations.
> My suggestion was that gimp-help-custom.css could be used to
>  language specific styles. If Norwegian is the only language that
>  would like to use the smaller font in italic in image texts, I
>  could put the style in the /stylesheets/nn folder. Of course the
>  Makefile in addition needs some conditionals to select the
>  language specific files. ("if LANG=xx then copy
>  stylesheets/xx/*.css to html").

This feature is still there, look for the string "Copying 

        for file in $(srcdir)/stylesheets/*.css \
                    $(srcdir)/stylesheets/$*/*.css; do \
                if [ -f $${file} ]; then cp -f $${file} html/$*; fi; \

Any CSS file in an language-specific subdir is copied to html (and 
overwrites the general CSS file which is copied before).

> As the gimp22.css is listed downmost in the html head tag it is not
> possible to override this style using the language dependent
>  method.

Unless the above code is broken, it is possible. Just copy and edit.

> I have to select the alternate style sheets (gimp22.css) for every
> single side [...] 

This depends on the browser.


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