I'm coming to the GIMP as a new user, having tried it a few years ago and then 
preferred other software; I am returning now because of the features.

In a spirit of trying to help, may I share a few observations about the online 
documentation that would make my reading of it easier?

1. There is no link off the manual to the GIMP site. I wanted that.

2. I'd much prefer a clearer layout of the manual web pages. For example the 
first page shows just a logo, until I scroll down, and the contents are spread 
over multiple screens (impossible to get an overview). Images would be better 
right or left aligned, definitely not inline as at present. Black text on white 
is clearer than orange on grey. And so on.

3. Section 1.2 needs to tell me *how* to install the context sensitive help (I 
installed GIMP as recommended, onto Windows, but no context sensitive or local 
help is installed.)

I can share further specific points if there is interest

This is me trying to help, not moan ;) - I've written help for another open 
source project, and have had around a million hits on those pages.

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