Hi Kolbjørn

So you'd go for something like this?:
      1. Introduction
      2. Fire up the GIMP
      3. First Steps with Wilber
      4. Getting Unstuck
      5. Getting Images into GIMP
      6. Getting Images out of GIMP
      7. Painting with GIMP
      8. Combining Images
      9. Enhancing Photographs
      10. Color Management with GIMP
      11. Pimp my GIMP
      12. Scripting
      13. Toolbox
      14. Dialogs
      15. Menus
      16. Filters

      A. Keys and Mouse Reference
      B. GIMP User Manual Authors and Contributors
      C. GIMP History
      D. Reporting Bugs and Requesting Enhancements
      E. GNU Free Documentation License
      F. Eeek! There is Missing Help


Looks better to me.

I'd also prefer to rename
      2. Fire up the GIMP
      3. First Steps with Wilber
      2. Starting the GIMP
      3. Basic Concepts
which to me sounds more professional, and explains more clearly.

And under 'Basic Concepts' the entire first screen on my system says
"The Wilber_Construction_Kit (in src/images/) allows you to give the mascot a 
different appearance. It is the work of Tuomas Kuosmanen...".  This really, 
really is not a basic concept. Really... no-one who needs to know basic 
wants to know that ;).

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