Hi Kolbjørn

Thanks for your positive comments

>> 2. I'd much prefer a clearer layout of the manual web pages.

> This is a matter of taste, but I agree with you in some ways. The main
> problem in my opinion is that it is a lot of work to change the layout.

I wonder if using a wiki would help? It means you lower the author entry 
barriers, and it's easier to work collaboratively. I know the help pages I 
(in a wiki) have been tweaked by worthy souls (although to be fair rather 

Do you also publish a pdf? Are you committed to Docbook? (am I right that 
what the manual is written in?) I've not used it, but perhaps a difficulty 
be that it tends to force a single layout, whereas info on the web should be 
presented differently from info in print/pdf.

On my system, 1280x1024, the table of contents goes on for 26 pages/screens -
that's too much ;) ("more is less")

Could the contents be kept to say 3 screens? Two ways: firstly don't nest 4 
deep, maybe just 2 deep; or secondly use DHTML to collapse the contents (and 
expand as requested).

I accept your point about browser compatibilty/DHTML, but the main GIMP page 
pulls in a number of scripts (though why I don't know).

By the way a zip compress of the help files is much the same size as the 
- I don't know whether standard Win can open .tar.bz2 but it can handle zip of 

A few rather random thoughts, then. You've got loads of really good info 
available - so this is merely by way of honing.

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