David skreiv:
> Hi Bill
>>     On 05/09/2010 11:17, Hugh Loebner wrote:
>> But beyond that, it's also true that the manual *can* be something that 
>> people
>> will be
>> able to read in order to learn how the program works, rather than just 
>> something to
>> consult when there is a problem.  The ideal is to make it both.  I did a lot 
>> of
>> work on
>> Gimp Help about five years ago, and was definitely aiming to make it 
>> something that
>> people could read.
> It's certainly readable - there's *loads* of good information :). My main 
> concern is that it needs organising (and some editing). It feels as if it has 
> grown and grown, with different people adding different bits, but without an 
> overall structure....?
> I'm not suggesting that it's merely a problem solver - clearly people who 
> come 
> to the program for the first time have to read the manual to learn how the 
> program works - but you can bet on it that they'll stop reading as soon as 
> they can.
I think some users think "When all other fails, read the manual." Others 
will read it to learn something and others for fun. In other words: we 
are writing for all kinds of people. And the GIMP manual is a well 
written manual. No doubt. Perhaps the best manual in the Free software 
group? But as you suggested somewhere, written by different writers at 
different times and therefore sometimes some inconsequential sentences 
and explanations. So, go on David with your weeding.


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