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> David (Thursday, 02. September 2010)
>> Are you familiar with the F shaped scan that readers' eyes are
>> supposed to use on web pages? It's all to do with getting at the
>> info quickly. So, I'm suggesting putting the readable info where
>> the eye goes. I'll mock up some pages where I feel I'm currently
>> being overwhelmed by images, if that seems likely to help.
> Never heard of this (again, this doesn't mean anything), but is sounds 
> reasonable. An example would still be useful, however, (especially an 
> example where the GIMP manual is hard to read due to misplaced 
> images).
Jacob Nielsen is mainly known among web designers. Many of his writings 
are set books for these people. He has done many studies on how people 
read web sides. One of his conclusions is that the eye often moves in an 
F shape when reading the screen, starting with the upper bar i the F, 
then the lower bar in the F shape and at last the vertical bar. I do not 
think reading the GIMP manual will follow this pattern.

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