Well I'm pleased you've re-named them in git because I was about to complain 
about the names- Darker is a relative term, It's darker than what? Than the 
Dark? Than the Grey? But you have now established that Darker is darker than 
Dark! (and Lighter is lighter than Light) and thankfully we don't have to think 
about localising the names.

As you say, the theme defines which symbolic icon-theme to use, and my choice 
of theme would be the mid-grey (but personally I will modify it to make the 
text white instead of dark) With the light symbolic icons.

As far as a new name for the "Default" theme - I think "System" does the job.

And on a side note, I'm not continuing with making pixel-aligned icons because 
I've been unable to get anyone to communicate a decision about what sizes are 
the default.


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Oh one more question!

On 2016-03-22 01:21, Jehan wrote:
> Hello all,
> Now we have 5 themes in GIMP: lighter, light, gray, dark and darker.
> The "Default" theme will likely stay since it corresponds to the
> default theme of your desktop.
> The "Small" theme will disappear as soon as we have customizable icon
> size (which should be soon, there is already a working patch, but I
> have to take the time and improve it before merging).
> We have a symbolic icon theme in light and dark colors, and a new
> color icon theme. Hopefully all these should be vectorial in the end,
> allowing various scaling, while still be pixel-perfect at least for
> the default size.
> The original icon theme stays under the name "Legacy".
> Now for GIMP 2.10, the default icon theme should likely be one of the
> symbolic themes, since this is the direction where most software are
> going, and historic GIMP/GNOME icon designer Jimmac really things this
> is the way to go.
> So the questions are:
> 1/ which symbolic icon theme should be the default? The dark or the
> light one?
> 2/ which theme should be the default (of course, the answer to 1/
> limits the possible answers to 2/)?

3/ Since "Default" won't be the default theme anymore, how should it be
renamed? Basically that's the theme which follows the current desktop
theme. So should it be "System"? "Desktop-integration"? Something else?


> Thanks!
> Jehan
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