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On Tue, Mar 22, 2016 at 3:21 AM, Jehan wrote:

So the questions are:
1/ which symbolic icon theme should be the default? The dark or the light
2/ which theme should be the default (of course, the answer to 1/ limits the
possible answers to 2/)?

These questions don't make a lot of sense to me. Light symbolic icon
theme doesn't work well with lighter UI themes. Dark symbolic icon
theme doesn't work well with darker UI themes. Otherwise the contrast
is compromised.

Well that's why I explicitly said: "the answer to 1/ limits the possible answers to 2/".

Hence if the system/default UI theme is considerably light, you
automatically go with the dark icon theme.

Yes the alternative is to keep using the "Default/System" theme. But as you note, we would need to know whether this is a light or dark theme. Now there may be a way, but I just can't find it. I am a little lost in all this GTK+ theming thing. We don't want to use light icons on a system light themes, nor dark on dark.

So either someone gives me the solution to this, and then I think keeping the system theme is clearly the best solution (at least for Linux distributions. On Windows and OSX, this probably doesn't matter), or we have to choose one of our new themes and make our own default choice, not caring about what how the system theme is configured.

Last alternative is of course to keep using color icons (since they go on every shade of grey), but then we go against the opinion of Jimmac and other designers.

3/ Since "Default" won't be the default theme anymore, how should it be renamed? Basically that's the theme which follows the current desktop theme.
So should it be "System"? "Desktop-integration"? Something else?

'System' looks good to me :)

Seems most people think "System" is good. I guess I'll rename it this way, then.


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