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I'm also for renaming the current 'Default' to 'System' to point out
that this theme aims for integration into the system's look.

For theming I'm also for obeying Jimmacs and other designers' advices.
They deal with such topics all day which is much more than we devs do,
so they are more experienced. Furthermore Jimmac was involved in the
icon design.

My personal favorite is the Dark theme with the light symbolic icon
theme. Many well-known graphics application nowadays have a dark UI,
so it can be considered a standard. It's unobtrusive and not

Ok after thinking a bit and reading the comments, I think the dark theme + Symbolic icon theme are the best default, at least what is expected nowaydays in graphics software. I will commit such a change.

Lately in IRC I mentioned icon usability tests. Here are the links:


I didn't have time to work out user tests, but at least I want
to give us the chance to optimize our icons for great UX.
Perhaps we find a way for it.

As said on IRC, we would welcome these tests, as well as any other UX user testing. I unfortunately really can't make the time myself to construct such tests. But if anyone is interesting and would prepare good and relevant tests about this topic or others, we would review these, and upon validation, I would be in favor of running these (either in events, like LGM for instance, or from the web by making some form advertized through a news on gimp.org…).

So yes, feel free. :-)


Greetings and thanks to all people involved into the theming work.


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