On 09/10/15 14:44, Jehan wrote:

So should we have these 2 concepts?
If we have multi-selection, do you have a concept of "main selected layer", which is the one where drawing occurs? Is it then the first of the last selected layer?

Actually you end up with three selection concepts:

 * selection for painting (single selection)
 * selection for geometric transform (actually faked as 'links') (even
   if links also apply to non-layer things, such as paths and channels)
 * selection for operations/management (drag/drop in the Layers list,
   possibly drag/drop to another image, set visibility, mode, opacity,
   alpha/pixel lock, links, add alpha channel... , remove text
   information, text-to-path...)

In addition to this you have to consider how scripts can use this. Most currently trigger on the link or visible flags so having a third flag could be good.

PS: should not the mail from this list have a properly tagged subject line [Gimp-gui-list] like its two siblings?

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