On 2015-10-09 23:15, Ofnuts wrote:
On 09/10/15 14:44, Jehan wrote:

So should we have these 2 concepts?
If we have multi-selection, do you have a concept of "main selected
layer", which is the one where drawing occurs? Is it then the first
of the last selected layer?

 Actually you end up with three selection concepts:

        * selection for painting (single selection)

Right, this can be considered as a different selection concept. This said, it seems nobody really want to disrupt the idea that painting can only occur for a single layer at a time.

        * selection for geometric transform (actually faked as 'links')
(even if links also apply to non-layer things, such as paths and
        * selection for operations/management (drag/drop in the Layers list,
possibly drag/drop to another image, set visibility, mode, opacity,
alpha/pixel lock, links, add alpha channel... , remove text
information, text-to-path...)

So a question can be: is this a problem? Is it meaningful for these concepts to be separated?

In addition to this you have to consider how scripts can use this.
Most currently trigger on the link or visible flags so having a third
flag could be good.

Of course, everything will have to be considered, API included. The spec will have to be as exhaustive as possible and handle every case of layer modification: what should happen when several layers are selected?

Even when keeping different selection/link concepts, it may also be the chance to write down the spec for linked layers too, and clarify how API should behave with linked layers, by the way.

Since I think that these changes won't be for GIMP 2.10, then probably for GIMP 3.0 instead, API changes may occur, if not mistaken.


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