On 2015-10-15 01:53, Andrew Pullins wrote:
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To make the Toolbox look better and more consistent with the rest of
GIMP. I suggest that the "You can drop dockable dialogs here" be
dropped and the Toolbox Widgets be forced to the bottom leaving room
for dialogs to be docked at the bottom of the tool box.

This label is not really needed as when users first start up GIMP
there is already a dialog underneath the toolbox so right off the get
go they know that you can place dialogs here. If the user decides to
take this dialog and place it anywhere else, now there is this ugly
label telling them what they already know they can do. This may even
be insulting to users, as you are saying they need a big banner to
tell them how to use your software.

I'm sorry but there are no "insults" in having a label giving information to user (what about status bar, tooltip bubbles, or help button and doc pages! They all give information on how to use the software, hence would be insulting? Seriously?). This is a non-rational rhetorical method which one can indeed see in some bug reports saying basically "if you don't do this change, then you are insulting users, therefore you are assholes; so you have no choices and do what I say". And I wish not to see this kind of things on this mailing list, please.

There are perfectly good reasons for removing such a label, and you give some of them in this email. Let's stick to them.

This is also very inconsistent from the rest of the GIMP. One because
of the label. and two because the entire box that contains this lable
gets lit up when you bring a dialog back to the toolbox. This is a bit
strange when every other place you can place a dialog there is a thin
~5px line that lites up that tells you that you can place it there.

Now that this label is gone what is to be done with the Toolbox
wegits? Well I think they should be forced to the bottom of bottom of
the Toolbox.

Now this is a good and rational reason. And this is not because the label disappeared that the toolbox would grow, but the opposite: why not allow the toolbox to grow (which may or not have the consequence to have the label disappear)? We allow resizing of each dock, and this is indeed perfectly sensible that some people may want to lose a dock and have a toolbox taking the whole vertical size instead.

Actually your 3 messages are a good start to rethink maybe some of our UI organization for dock, tools and menus. There have been ideas laying around for years about getting an horizontal button bar, and so on.
I think I'll open a wiki page to discuss this topic too.


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