> To make the Toolbox look better and more consistent with the rest of
>> GIMP. I suggest that the "You can drop dockable dialogs here" be
>> dropped and the Toolbox Widgets be forced to the bottom leaving room
>> for dialogs to be docked at the bottom of the tool box.
>> This label is not really needed as when users first start up GIMP
>> there is already a dialog underneath the toolbox so right off the get
>> go they know that you can place dialogs here. If the user decides to
>> take this dialog and place it anywhere else, now there is this ugly
>> label telling them what they already know they can do. This may even
>> be insulting to users, as you are saying they need a big banner to
>> tell them how to use your software.
> I'm sorry but there are no "insults" in having a label giving information
> to user (what about status bar, tooltip bubbles, or help button and doc
> pages! They all give information on how to use the software, hence would be
> insulting? Seriously?). This is a non-rational rhetorical method which one
> can indeed see in some bug reports saying basically "if you don't do this
> change, then you are insulting users, therefore you are assholes; so you
> have no choices and do what I say". And I wish not to see this kind of
> things on this mailing list, please.

I was not calling anyone an asshole or telling you that you have to do what
I say.  I am merely trying to point out some reasons that GIMP should get
rid of the label.

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