On 10/15/2015 01:23 PM, Andrew Pullins wrote:
The point of this feature is not to take a way your ability to add
dialog to the toolbox, nether bottom, left, or right.  On the contrary,
the point is when you have users like me who do not like the dialogs in
the toolbox. When you take away the dialog the toolbox looks bad and
there are things I believe could help make it look better.  It is also
not about looking like Photoshop although that is not a bad thing.  We
should not do things just because Photoshop does it that way.  But we
should also not immediately reject ideas because Photoshop does it that
way either.

The discussion started with a request to remove the verbiage about dropping dialogs in the box, when there aren't any dialogs in the toolbox (a great idea, I do get tired of the "belt and suspenders" approach to the UI).

And now the discussion has reached the point where the suggestion was made to "work on a complete redesign of the toolbox and tools' options".

So hopefully that complete redesign doesn't produce a Frankenstein out of the current tidy little "tools and dialogs in one place" Toolbox.

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