> No problem there. Probably I should not have reacted myself, I was merely
> trying to make a point there about choosing some words wisely, because we
> see all kind of not very cool remarks in bug reports and saying that a help
> message can be seen as insulting users is one of these. A message can be
> useless, annoying, badly designed, or whatever like this. But "insulting"
> was just far fetched.

This said, you also make interesting remarks, so that's all good for me.

It is not a very good argument but these all compound and make me wonder if
it should be there.

If I may suggest, we should work on a complete redesign of the toolbox
>> and tools' options. The way things are going, we are likely to create
>> another Frankenstein toolbox.
>> What we are missing here is cold analysis. A lot of your requests stem
>> from resizing the toolbox. Frankly, GIMP is probably the only design
>> software I know of where people resize the toolbox at all. My guess is
>> that it's because its design sucks. How about we design it right
>> instead of applying bandaids all around?
>> Alex
> Am I the only person who likes the Toolbox just the way it is?
> Yes, I resize the Toolbox from time to time, and I find the ability to
> resize the Toolbox very handy, depending on whether I want more room for
> the image, or more room to read the layer names (I end up with large layer
> stacks, and so I label all the layers to keep track of what layer does
> what).
> I love being able to drop the dialogs that I want into the Toolbox, and
> the ability to rearrange them as seems convenient for the task at hand.
> I've used a lot of different image editing programs, including PhotoShop,
> and I've never understood all the complaints that GIMP should look more
> like PhotoShop, because to me it already looks pretty much the same, except
> I like the GIMP layout better.
> I put the Toolbox in a long narrow strip along the left edge of the
> screen, leaving a large square area for the image. The screen is 1600x1200,
> and yes, that's not a small screen.
> Here's a screenshot showing the left edge of the screen, showing the
> Toolbox and an image window, in which I free up some vertical real estate
> by hiding the menu bar:
> http://ninedegreesbelow.com/bug-reports/gimp29/gimp-toolbox.png
> I'm having a difficult time imagining a more efficient layout for Tools
> than GIMP already has. (I don't mean Single-Window Mode, which seems to me
> to be completely unuseable, but different strokes for different folks).

The point of this feature is not to take a way your ability to add dialog
to the toolbox, nether bottom, left, or right.  On the contrary, the point
is when you have users like me who do not like the dialogs in the toolbox.
When you take away the dialog the toolbox looks bad and there are things I
believe could help make it look better.  It is also not about looking like
Photoshop although that is not a bad thing.  We should not do things just
because Photoshop does it that way.  But we should also not
immediately reject ideas because Photoshop does it that way either.

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