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alexandre.prokoud...@gmail.com> wrote:

> > Basically you want what other software call "profiles" to have separate
> > settings, right? Like you would have one *workspace* for "painting", one
> > for "photography editing", and so on. Is that it?
> >
> > This is interesting though I wonder how many user would actually use
> > these.
> This is exactly where data from Instrumented GIMP project could come
> in handy: how layouts look for people who work on different things
> (painting, photography, web design etc.). I'm afraid we cannot make a
> reasonable decision without some big data in this case.

I don't understood this issue about 'big data'. Explaining a bit more the
concept of the proposal, for me, the workspace profile is a user
question... and not a GIMP question, essentially not in this stage. In this

* one user has the own tasks and preferences how to do her/his tasks on
* one user is capable to build her/his dockable tabs;
* one user can share with other users these experiences through the
workspaces profiles.

Well, the profiles is only a way to simplify and to become more fast and
efficient this process.
After is possible to collect the 'big data' to understand the needs of
users and to do some official workspace profiles to GIMP.


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