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> I'm interested to study the possibility of the workspaces on GIMP...
>> in theory, we already have the themes... the workspaces is the natural
>> extension of this concept... is an enhancement of the theme feature,
>> but I am not safe if is good to talk in this way... because the
>> workspace do not change the theme... only use it to save as the docks
>> are configured or placed on our desktop in the sessionrc archive.
> Basically you want what other software call "profiles" to have separate
> settings, right? Like you would have one *workspace* for "painting", one
> for "photography editing", and so on. Is that it?

Correct, profiles is better... workspace profiles, perhaps exemplify better
the concept.

This is interesting though I wonder how many user would actually use these.
> I feel like while this seems like a cool idea at first, but then many users
> may get used to one of their workspace in particular and in the end would
> basically use only this one.
> Most software which had a profile concept seem to have dropped it now.
> This said, I am in favor of enhancing capabilities of our API to allow
> plugins to do far more than what they can nowadays. And this kind of
> feature could be a good plugin. As for a main feature, I'm unsure. But if
> others are interested, we can discuss.

I think better is a plug-in... but... as you wrote it needs "... enhancing
capabilities of our API to allow plugins...".

For me would be very useful to have the possibility to save the user's
>> workspaces, as sessionrc, for each task, for example. The problem of
>> this approach that in the current releases of GIMP is not possible use
>> another sessionrc without quit and open again GIMP.
> Yes. As you say, technically this should be fairly easy. Now is to decide
> what would make sense for the core GIMP design.

Ok, if need change the API for a specific plug-in... is better to
understand if this can be useful to others plug-ins... or if is necessary
to have a big picture to do the enhancements more interesting and a long
term (usable for many others plug-ins -- for example, Joao Bueno has a
proposal to make an assets manager to GIMP via plug-in).


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