> What Elle said. I move windows around a lot, and resize them,
> according to what part of the image I'm working on and how magnified
> I need it to be. Most of the time I have no need to see anything in
> the Toolbox or various dialogs, so having them showing all the time
> isn't a good use of screen real estate.
> I also use the preferences "Resize window on zoom" and "Resize window
> on image size change". I know these are unpopular with the core
> developers, and it's forever being threatened that they'll disappear,
> but they make sense to me: most of the time I want the window to
> show as much of the image as possible, but I don't want to waste
> real estate on showing empty space around the image.
> In programs like LibreOffice and Inkscape that insist on showing a
> lot of empty space outside the document I'm working on, I'm forever
> resorting to silly workarounds like making the window bigger than I
> actually want, then moving the wasted-space part of it off the screen.

 1. Tell us about your screen (text)
    What's the screen diameter
    What is the aspect ratio
    Number of pixels

2. Is the screen (select multiple)
    Attached to a laptop
    A tablet
    A drawing tablet
    One screen
    Multiple screens

3. Which do you prefer? (pick one)
    Single Window Mode
    Multi Window Mode

4. Why?

5. What editing tasks do you most often use GIMP for? (pick multiple)
    Photo editing
    Drawing / Painting
    Other (please specify)

6. What tools from the toolbox do you use most often, and which ones do you
seldom or never use? (From use all the time to never use or did not know
that existed)
    Rectangle Select Tool
    Ellipse Select Tool
    Free Select Tool
    Fuzzy Select Tool
    Select By Color Tool
    Scissors Select Tool
    Foreground Select Tool
    Vector Tool
    Color Picker Tool
    Zoom Tool
    Measure Tool
    Move Tool
    Alignment Tool
    Crop Tool
    Rotate Tool
    Scale Tool
    Shear Tool
    Perspective Tool
    Flip Tool
    Cage Tool
    Text Tool
    Bucket Fill Tool
    Blend Tool
    Pencil Tool
    Paintbrush Tool
    Eraser Tool
    Airbrush Tool
    Ink Tool
    Clone Tool
    Healing Tool
    Perspective Clone Tool
    Blur/Sharpen Tool
    Smudge Tool
    Dodge Burn Tool
    Desaturate Tool
    Color Balance Tool
    Hue-Saturation Tool
    Colorize Tool
    Brightness/Contrast Tool
    Threshold Tool
    Levels Tool
    Curves Tool
    Posterize Tool
    GEGL Tool

7. Which dialogs do you regularly keep open, and which ones do you seldom
or never use? (From use all the time to never use or did not know that
    Tool Options
    Device Status
    Selection Editor
    Undo History
    Sample Point
    Paint Dynamics
    Tool Preset
    Document History
    Error Console

8. Which operations do you access through the drop-down/right-click menus,
and which ones via shortcuts?"
    Need options

9. Do you rearrange the dialogs? (Yes / No)

10. How?

11. Do you rearrange the Toolbox? (Yes / No)

12. How?

13. Would you submit a screen shot of your work flow? (not required)

What questions do you think might be good to ask in a survey, if the goal
is to more efficiently and effectively accommodate various work flows on
various display screens? Hopefully without accidentally throwing out what
currently works well for at least some users (maybe the users least likely
to subscribe to a mailing list about the GIMP UI are the users who like the
current UI).

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