> On 10/15/2015 01:32 PM, Jehan wrote:
> >many multi-windows users of GIMP exist. They should manifest themselves
> >more often for their workflows to be heard (so thanks for this message,

Elle Stone writes:
> Another thing about Multiple Window Mode that I really like and use a lot,
> is the ability to go full screen with the image (F11), and then put the
> Toolbox-with-dialogs on top of the image to get another tool, move a layer,
> change a tool setting, see a readout, etc.
> Being able to easily move the Toolbox around the screen, especially in full
> screen mode, depending on the part of the image I'm working on, is also a
> feature I use a lot, and something I don't think you can do in when in
> whatever it is that passes for full screen in SWM.
> I know a lot of people like SWM, and I'm glad it's there for people who like
> it. But to me, SWM doesn't seem like a good use of screen real estate,
> there's too much "stuff" around the image itself.

What Elle said. I move windows around a lot, and resize them,
according to what part of the image I'm working on and how magnified
I need it to be. Most of the time I have no need to see anything in
the Toolbox or various dialogs, so having them showing all the time
isn't a good use of screen real estate.

I also use the preferences "Resize window on zoom" and "Resize window
on image size change". I know these are unpopular with the core
developers, and it's forever being threatened that they'll disappear,
but they make sense to me: most of the time I want the window to
show as much of the image as possible, but I don't want to waste
real estate on showing empty space around the image.

In programs like LibreOffice and Inkscape that insist on showing a
lot of empty space outside the document I'm working on, I'm forever
resorting to silly workarounds like making the window bigger than I
actually want, then moving the wasted-space part of it off the screen.


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