On 10/15/2015 01:29 PM, Alexandre Prokoudine wrote:
On 10/15/15, Elle Stone wrote:

Yes, I resize the Toolbox from time to time, and I find the ability to
resize the Toolbox very handy, depending on whether I want more room for
the image, or more room to read the layer names (I end up with large
layer stacks, and so I label all the layers to keep track of what layer
does what).

Again, this is an example of things that are wrong with current GIMP's UI :)

You should not have to resize the toolbox just to see layer names.
Long names should be ellipsized, with full names being displayed in
tooltips when you hover. This is how it works pretty much everywhere.
I had a patch on that in the works, but it broke a few things that I
could not immediately figure out.

Hmm, automatic tooltips on hover - if you go that route PLEASE allow the user the option to disable that tooltip to keep it from popping up every time the user hovers over the layers in the layers dialog. I have not so good eyesight, and I use my mouse arrow to focus my eyes on the layers. If the UI starts popping up tooltips on hover, I won't be able to use the mouse to focus my eyes, and then I'll end up filing a bug report.

Krita has a different sort of popup on hover for the layers, and thankfully they put in a user option to disable it - it was very distracting.

Here's a screenshot showing the left edge of the screen, showing the
Toolbox and an image window, in which I free up some vertical real
estate by hiding the menu bar:

Let's just say that the tools' options dialog should never be that
wide in the first place, and it's something on mitch's roadmap since,
like, dawn of times.

Why should the tools options dialogs not be as wide as they are, and also user-adjustable? How will you fit the required options in a narrower box? Are you planning on forcing users to not put layer dialogs in the tool box? How will it be possible to take screenshots to illustrate workflows, and show the layer names, if the layer dialog can't be resized at will?

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