> The discussion started with a request to remove the verbiage about
> dropping dialogs in the box, when there aren't any dialogs in the toolbox
> (a great idea, I do get tired of the "belt and suspenders" approach to the
> UI).

> And now the discussion has reached the point where the suggestion was made
> to "work on a complete redesign of the toolbox and tools' options".

> So hopefully that complete redesign doesn't produce a Frankenstein out of
> the current tidy little "tools and dialogs in one place" Toolbox.

Sorry if I worried you.  I tried to to make it apparent that I was not
perposing that dialogs should not be able to be placed here. I spicifically
said "when there aren't any dialogs in the toolbox". I also said this "
This is a bit strange when every other place you can place a dialog there
is a thin ~5px line that lites up that tells you that you can place it
there." I guess my draft must not have saved because I meant to indicate
that this ~5px line should still be there to place dialogs in.

Basically this feature request is to drop the label and add space between
the tools and the toolbox widgets. This way the toolbox looks better when
there are not dialogs in the toolbox. Not to remove the ability to place
dialogs here.

Hmm, automatic tooltips on hover - if you go that route PLEASE allow the
> user the option to disable that tooltip to keep it from popping up every
> time the user hovers over the layers in the layers dialog. I have not so
> good eyesight, and I use my mouse arrow to focus my eyes on the layers. If
> the UI starts popping up tooltips on hover, I won't be able to use the
> mouse to focus my eyes, and then I'll end up filing a bug report.

> Krita has a different sort of popup on hover for the layers, and
> thankfully they put in a user option to disable it - it was very
> distracting.

Doesn't GIMP have the option to disable tooltips?

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On Thu, Oct 15, 2015 at 2:27 PM, Elle Stone <ellest...@ninedegreesbelow.com>

> On 10/15/2015 01:29 PM, Alexandre Prokoudine wrote:
>> >Here's a screenshot showing the left edge of the screen, showing the
>>> >Toolbox and an image window, in which I free up some vertical real
>>> >estate by hiding the menu bar:
>>> >http://ninedegreesbelow.com/bug-reports/gimp29/gimp-toolbox.png
>> Let's just say that the tools' options dialog should never be that
>> wide in the first place, and it's something on mitch's roadmap since,
>> like, dawn of times.
> In case it wasn't clear in the screenshot - the available screen real
> estate extends considerably to the right of the screenshot. The theme is
> the small icon theme, the "toolbox plus dialogs" usually only takes up
> 200-250 pixels in width, and the total screen is 1600px wide. But the
> option to make the toolbox wider when desired - to show brush tips, to get
> the whole tool dialog showing without scrollbars, to see pixel readouts on
> the pointer and sample points dialog, etc, etc, is something I find very
> useful.
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> Elle
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