On 15/12/15 15:07, Jehan wrote:

I am not sure creating shortcut buttons or actions for 3 specific combinations is really a good idea. My personal preference for instance is mostly "image-sized and transparent" (even when I want a background, I usually create my transparent layer first in 1 click, then drag'n drop the fg color over it and tada! Much faster than going through the New Layer dialog). This is like 90% of my needs. So for instance if we were to compare my needs to your proposition, we would create 2 new buttons which I would consider cluttering the UI for not that big a workflow improvement.

So in the end, I'm not sure if you are not taking particular cases and putting them in the UI.

I'm not talking about buttons, I'm talking about direct-action keyboard shortcuts. But I agree that the filled version isn't necessary. So that leaves us with two.

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