> There are too many things to tell when creating a new layer and and an
> important one is missing....
> In my experience with Gimp, I haven't got that many use cases:
> - Fill: layer is either transparent, or filled with the background color
> - Size: layer is image sized, or the same size as the current layer
> - Position (missing in current dialog): layer is at 0,0 (image sized) or
> overlaps current layer
> IMHO: asking for a size in the layer dialog is pointless, because usually
> you cannot tell the size in pixels in advance (and when you can you also
> have a position in mind...). In real life you create an image-sized layer
> and crop it later using its contents as a reference.
> If we can skip the dialog then we have shortcuts for instant layer
> creation, especially for the three most used:
>    - image-sized filled with background color
>    - image-sized and transparent
>    - copy of the active layer, transparent
> You can always fill/crop/name the layer afterwards so no functionality is
> lost.
> A penny for your thoughts

This dialog has always aggravated me.  I have always wanted it to go away.
It is rare that I ever want to make a layer that is not transparent and the
full length of the image.  In my opinion the action should be the
opposite of what it does now. You click the new layer button and it would
just create a layer with the same options as you previously did. When the
layer is created it gives you the option to name it as though you were to
double click the image right away, and if the user does not want to name it
clicking anywhere else would just leave the layer name editor.
Shift-Clicking would bring up the Layer options dialog so that users can
select new layer options.

For people who do use the same layer options over and over regardless of
whether they like transparent, white, four ground, or background, this
dialog popping up every single time I want to make the same layer I just
made is annoying.

It is already possible to create a layer of the last type you did by
> shift-clicking the New Layer button, and there is a layers-new-last-values
> action which does this too (which you can assign a shortcut to).

 Thank you so much for this. I have wanted to Ctrl-click the new layer
button to do what Shift-Click does for years.  I will be using this every
time I make a new layer from now on.

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On Tue, Dec 15, 2015 at 5:10 PM, Ofnuts <ofn...@gmx.com> wrote:

> On 15/12/15 22:39, Jehan wrote:
>> The more I think about it, the less I think we should make default action
>> for every particular create-a-layer case. Now custom actions are very easy
>> to create in a plugin. If all you need is an action, why don't you simply
>> make yourself a few-line plugin? This is why the plugin system was created:
>> to handle specific use cases.
>> I myself have made several of these (plugins of a few lines which just
>> add simple actions — which I need — to map to a shortcut) and that fits
>> perfectly my needs.
>> Our plugin API is far from perfect and it cannot do some things (like
>> updating the default UI); but creating actions, this is no problem.
> We can both write plugins, but plenty of users can't, and for them
> locating a plugin (assuming they even think that a plugin for this could
> exist....) isn't always easy...
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