On 15/12/15 22:39, Jehan wrote:

The more I think about it, the less I think we should make default action for every particular create-a-layer case. Now custom actions are very easy to create in a plugin. If all you need is an action, why don't you simply make yourself a few-line plugin? This is why the plugin system was created: to handle specific use cases. I myself have made several of these (plugins of a few lines which just add simple actions — which I need — to map to a shortcut) and that fits perfectly my needs.

Our plugin API is far from perfect and it cannot do some things (like updating the default UI); but creating actions, this is no problem.

We can both write plugins, but plenty of users can't, and for them locating a plugin (assuming they even think that a plugin for this could exist....) isn't always easy...

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